Advocacy Stage 1 - New Environmental Land Management Proposal - November 2017


Food & Forest was founded in November 2017 in part to contribute to the root and branch revue of agricultural policy taking place following the referendum vote.

Coming off the back of a summer research project, all evidence pointed to "alley cropping" as a farming method, falling through the administrative cracks, meaning it remained inelligible for environmental funding despite a growing evidence base showing clear benefit.  All Forestry Commission woodland creation grants, for example, don't allow any agricultural activity to take place at the same site.

In May 2018, we submitted a proposal to the 'Health and Harmony' consultation highlighting this error. The consultation mantra of "public money for public good" underpinned the justification for grant support.. It matches state financial aid to the monetary value of sequestered carbon, using the UK government figure on the social cost of carbon (SCC) to accurately quantify.  For a copy email