Stage 2 - New Environmental Land Management - Testing and Trials

This proposal for a grant undrpinned by ecosystem service valuation, was taken into the testing and trials phase. Ministers and advisers at Defra are in widespread agreement on the environmental benefits of agroforestry, the task now entailed delivering the most effective mix of policy measures in the several new agri-environment schemes. 

The proposal therefore evolved, not into a completely new grant, but into amendments to the woodland creation grant. Adapting an existing grant system with a prexisting funding structure was deemed the most streamlined approach.

Especially given only 4 amendments are necessary. The principle problems with the existing woodland creation grant are as follows:


1.  Rigid demarcation between farming and forestry 

Page 13 - 3.2 Restrictions on agricultural activity in woodland areas

2. Ineligibility of nut producing varieties

Page 14 - 3.5.1 Guidelines on planting for biodiversity objectives

3.Minimum stand area

Page 13 - 3.4 Planting area thresholds, open space and tree specifications