Our walnuts are the fruits of a partnership with the East Malling Trust, a research centre set up to investigate the use of new crops to the English climate.

As part of their work, an experimental orchard of 120 varieties was planted 20 years ago. It is extremely unusual to have such a wide range of varieties in one place and our collection methods mean we keep them separated. This allows us to show the huge difference between the varieties.

Walnuts in the press

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From tree to table

The stages of walnut growth:

May - flowering, here the nuts are most vulnerable to frost, which can often destroy crops. One of the reasons walnuts aren’t more widely planted.

July - the fresh green nuts used for pickling before the hard outer shell forms

October - the harvest begins as the hulls begin to crack. Pick, dehull, wash, dry, ready!

English Walnuts

These English walnuts are grown on our orchards in Kent in partnership with East Malling Trust and they are unique in that they have had zero treatment applied to them, not even organically permitted sprays.