Northdale Farm - South Africa

Both our organic pecans and organic macadamias come from Northdale Farm, South Africa.

Run by the Roux family, Pierre has introduced the use of perennial cover cropping to the farm management system. This has a huge benefit for the soil health on the farm, by avoiding ploughing huge numbers of fungi and microbial life can flourish. By choosing a clover rich sward, this crop also benefits the trees with its ability to fix nitrogen in the soil.

Clovers provide a excellent nectar source for pollinators in the late summer. Carpeting the orchard floor like this creates a oasis of rich food for bees and other insects, in an otherwise quite dry, arid landscape. A fitting example of how human intervention, can create beautiful spaces, not only destroy.

This combined with the social outreach programme the family has set up, made them first choice for our pecans and macadamias.

The use of perennial cover cropping is a relatively straight forward way of instant regenerative action on a farm. Not only is it important to the local ecology, cover cropping provides one solution to the wider issue of climate change. Ploughing land is one of the principal sources of CO2 emmissions in agriculture. Estimates suggest every 1 hectare of ploughed land releases 3 tonnes of CO2. By keeping the soil intact like this, Pierre and team are creating a beautiful oasis, as well as offering an example of regenerative farming for others in the region to emulate.

— Charles Tebbutt - Founder

Raw Organic Macadamias

Kept cool during the entire process from tree to pouch, preserving the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the nut.

Our Sourcing Policy:

We always source the best quality nuts from producers who demonstrate they can match our triple bottom-line approach. By visiting each of our suppliers, searching the regions for the best of the best, we have brought to market some of the best quality and unique nuts available.

Supporting The Big Skies Foundation

The primary funding project is to financially support the dreams of rural-based children, by awarding bursaries to attend the best schools available in the areas that they live.

Started with a basic community imperative to improve the neighbouring school to the farm. The foundation began by improving school supplies and repairing delapidated facilities, Now it offers aspiring children finanicial support through their education.

Raw Organic Macadamias

Raw Organic Pecans