We produce, process and market a selection of British nuts. 

Since 2018, we have worked to establish links with existing farms, as well as finding and restoring abandoned orchards back into productivity.

These pages document the work; showcasing the partnership and produce we can bring to market. 

English Walnuts

Our walnuts are the fruits of a partnership with the East Malling Trust, a research centre set up to investigate the use of new crops to the English climate.

Kentish Cobnuts

Cobnuts are a special variety of hazelnut traditionally grown in Kent. We grow ours in our orchards around Sevenoaks.

Spanish Almonds

Almonds from the Almendrehesa Association, promoter of regenerative farming in Andalusia, Spain. Read more below on the use of cover cropping in nut farming.

Italian Hazelnuts

Our Hazelnuts, grown by the Bruna family are Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, the best variety in the world.

French Walnuts

Our ‘Noix de Grenoble’ walnuts derive from three alternative varieties; franquette, mayette, and Parisienne.