Cobnuts are a variety of hazelnut distinctive to Kent.

They are in the same corylus family as the Italian Tonda Gentile nuts, and provide an excellent rich pecan like comparison to showcase the breadth of flavour across the hazelnut family.

Over the past 18 months whilst continuing our relationship with existing growers, we have taken on an orchard outside Sevenoaks, Kent. Bordered by high woodland, nestled back from a road, the site provides an excellent area to experiment with different management practices, including the use of poultry to keep pests at bay.

Cobnuts have been a part of the Kentish landscape for centuries, and with your help we can contribute to the latest chapter. Cobnuts hold great potential for UK alley cropping; able to withstand the British climate with a proven track record of stable yields, plus a delicious final product to match. We are working with existing growers, new alley cropping farms, and UK engineers to make the process from orchard to fork the best it can possibly be.

— Charles Tebbutt - Founder

Our Long Standing Relationship with Gillian Jones and the National Trust.

Working with Gillian and the National Trust to harvest a 130 year old orchard.

Gillian took on the orchard in a state of disrepair 8 years ago. Leading a team of dedicated volunteers to battle the forest of bramble and bring the site back into productivity. The management routine now allows for spring growth without mowing, making room for primrose and orchids.